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Many people have found success by reading and applying the techniques in these books.

  • “INTERVIEWS FOR PAGEANT OR BUSINESS” hundreds of questions with examples of answers to start your brain thinking of how you would answer that question, What to wear, Speaking into a microphone or on stage, Public Speaking, How to stand and present yourself. How to give a Politically Safe Answer
  • “FILM & STAGE MODELING AND ACTING” How to do a Resume, How to Audition and What to Expect, What to take to the Job, What to expect from an Agent or Agency, Screen Positions and Hitting Your Mark, Voice-Overs, Cold Readings, Improvisation, Industrial Films, Building a Character, Monologues, ALSO MODELING American, French, European Turns with Techniques and Angles, Basic Wardrobe for Auditions, Photo Posing Routines with photos to show you how and How to Coordinate Your Own Fashion Show and much more.
  • “POPULARITY SKILLS” The Mental, Physical, Social, Emotional and Spiritual Dimensions of Beauty and Poise. There are Assignments at the end of each chapter to apply for success. This has How to do a Goal Poster, Wardrobe Organization, Make-Up, Hair, Exercise and Dieting Tips, How to Remove Negative Drains from your life, Exercises for Social Conversation Skills, How to Give a Compliment and Exercises to enhance your Social Skills, Ways to reduce Self Consciousness, How to give a great party and much more…

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To see the Music Videos for the Album "Deep and Wide" 

To see the Music Videos for the album "Never Give Up"

- To ORDER BOOKS send a check for book/s plus shipping and handling to Patti Miner PO Box 970441 Orem, Utah 84097 and allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. If you would like the book emailed to you take $5 off the price of the book, do not add shipping and handling fee and send the check to the address above with the email address you would like it sent to and allow 1 week for it to be emailed to you from .



Actress- Ellen Wheeler


Singer- Jessie Clark Funk at Deseret Book and itunes:


Model- Janeen Mitzen


Singer - Michael Dubois


Singer - Kayliann Lowe


 Singer - David Macmillan:

 Singer - David Macmillan: 


Singers- Rima Gustafson and Jason David:


Listen to our Positive Thinking Videos Below on this Link

1.Goal Posters   

2.I AM positive Statements   

3.Your Super Power -FAITH     

4.Trials Help us To “GROW STRONG”   

5.Being Taken For Granted is a GOOD thing

6.Science of Gratitude   

7.Pre-Judging can Affect Your Success 

8.What on EARTH are you doing for HEAVEN’S sake 

9.6 Daily Success Rituals  

10.Success Not Excuses    

11.Tennis & Working towards Success  

12.Memorial Day -MY BACKGROUND from Early Life I Learned that Happiness is s Choice and Not a Circumstance  

13.The World is a Circle – No Comparisons 

14.Delegation for Leadership -   

15.Positive Perspectives -

16.Negative Drains 

  1. Tips on Talks, Teaching and Training  

18.Positive Singing Tip #1-Everyone Can Learn to SING  

19.Never Give Up   

20.Lead by Example  

21.Service with a Bubble – Words are Powerful   

  1. 3 Things that Stop You from Getting What You Want 

23.Back to School Social Skills-also great for Business  

24.No Fear for Success  

25.Developing your  Mission Statements 

26.Laughter is the Best Medicine

27.Positive Singing Tip #2 

28.My Take-Away from Tony Robbins Seminar  

29.Be Fully Present in Your Relationships vs Technology 

30.Free Agency – Why Bad Things Happen to Good People 

  1. My Take Aways from Finishing the Old Testament 
  2. My Take Aways form Finishing the New Testament  
  3. How to Give a Compliant Health Product Testimonial  

34.What we can learn from PT Barnum

35. What we can learn from Benjamin Franklin 


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